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China - Taiwan

7/11/22 - Navy officials say Pacific exercise is not aimed at China, but it zeroes in on defending Taiwan (

7/11/22 - China's Sand Dredgers Run Gray Zone Warfare in Taiwan (

7/11/22 - Defiant Taiwanese ready if China invades, say there's only one possible response (

7/11/22 - China’s foreign minister Wang Yi warns of ‘ferocious storms’ if one-China policy is abandoned by US and Taipei | South China Morning Post (

7/8/22 - Why Tensions Between China And Taiwan Are On The Rise - YouTube 

6/24/22 - Inspired by Ukraine, Taiwanese People Prepare for a China Invasion (

6/23/22 - Former Defense Secretary says China ‘could bring Taiwan to its knees’ without invading | The Hill 

6/22/22 - First Pineapples, Now Fish: To Pressure Taiwan, China Flexes Economic Muscle Taiwan’s lucrative grouper industry is bracing for heavy losses after China’s recent ban on imports of the fish from the island., NYT

6/22/22 - China sends dozens of warplanes into skies near Taiwan | CNN 

6/21/22 - Biden administration preparing for 'wrong kind' of China conflict in case of Taiwan invasion: book, Fox

6/17/22 - The Collapse of One China, CSIS

6/15/22 - Dangerous Straits: Wargaming a Future Conflict over Taiwan | Center for a New American Security (en-US) (

6/15/21 - How Taiwan Became the Biggest Risk for a U.S.-China Clash - YouTube 

6/11/22 - War of words over Taiwan: 'We do not support Taiwan independence,' says US | WION Fineprint - YouTube

10/10/21 - Instead of Fighting China, US Should Help Taiwan Defend Itself (

12/10/20 - China launches ‘gray-zone’ warfare to subdue Taiwan (

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International Coalition Against Illicit Economies