The United States China policy continues to straddle in a tug-of-war between the U.S businessman and statesman. Both can have their cake and eat it too by working together. Pursuing this straddle path is music to the Chinese Communist Party's ears helping them to implement their new world order. Wall Street sees decoupling as a temporary glitch creating opportunity in investment and sales even with the CCP crackdown and CCP initiated decoupling. The CCP is reorganizing their economy now that they have the technology required to continue building their own brands. The coming EV China made Tsunami on the global market is but one example. The U.S. economy needs the investment dollars that are currently siphoned to a high-return China market illegally created by the fascist Chinese Communist Party. Wall Street is bargain hunting in China regardless of the impact on U.S. freedom, constitution and way of life.

China led by the fascist CCP Xi Jinping, is at war with the world in an interactive reality show infomercial of sorts utilizing a global strategy and tactics to draw in sales, corner markets in a stated new world order agenda. The CCP's mechanism for global control is trade. Will the CCP hand Tesla, Apple and others their hats? No, they will diminish and control their market share to continue garnering U.S investment dollars. CCP's goal is to drain our assets. The CCP seeks to diminish our currency. The CCP will move globally to eliminate the dollar as the currency of global trade as they accomplished in their deal with Saudi Arabia in November 2022. Then, your dollar with buy 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 or less of today?

The U.S. recognizes the CCP new world order goal as competition not as war but, it is war. President Biden has kept China tariffs in place. He has banned sales of chip production equipment to China. He has implemented some policies like signing the Chips Act. The Chips Act should have been incentives for American investors instead, it is a government spending program. President Biden is tweaking when the CCP is hybrid war assaulting weaponizing anything in thousands of ways and levels potentially simultaneously to destroy America! It seems the concept that the CCP could be that manipulative, that sinister, that bent to control the world and eradicate freedom is a nightmare concept some Americans are comprehending but, even legislators refuse to accept. This reticence fuels the business community to invest in China. It is a nightmare but, it is reality. Fortunately, while the U.S. federal government level is functionally a pawn to the CCP, the majority of states other than the extreme blue states have yet to be fully aligned with CCP thinking.

However convenient or inconvenient for Xi, the CCP will make the best of events like a public zero-covid national protest. These events won't stop the CCP's global control trade implemented goals. The CCP will twist an event through fascist propaganda to their advantage and curry whatever needed to continue and increase trade until our constitution is gone and U.S citizens are vassals of the Chinese Communist Party. At your peril believe with caution that China under the CCP is in financial distress and near collapse. In the last two months, the CCP has increased their trade alliances with Russia and signed significant deals with Saudi Arabia while launching a global diplomacy campaign. China's total global trade is expected to reach a record $700 billion surplus in 2022. The China trade surplus with U.S. is expected to grow past the 2021 $353 billion level. For all of the dire attacks by China, the U.S. is still in "competition" not war with China. U.S. quality of life is eroding not to mention Chinese fentanyl imports becoming our number two cause of death. Some of the state actions defending against the CCP are: Governor Christi Noem banned TikTok, Todd Rokita, Attorney General of Indiana, sued TikTok and Governor DeSantis implemented CCP controls. These are terrific signals to U.S citizens steering them in the right direction and validating the CCP threat. At the same time, these are minimal not comprehensive policy changes that underestimate China's war. There is so much more that needs to be done to defend and defeat the CCP hybrid war that they are waging.

If the statesman and businessman want to win defined as: USA governs itself and takes care of our people pertaining to our constitution and our way of life, the CCP needs to be fully decoupled from the USA. Our lives depend on this decoupling as soon as possible before the CCP metastasizes at all levels of U.S. society. The CCP's goal is not trade. Trade is a tool for CCP control and the elimination of freedom on earth.

In early 2023, look to several states to propose strong anti-CCP legislation. This is where a bottom-up synergy develops also forming comprehensive policy top-down response to the CCP. Today, the CCP has not gained control of the local level entirely. Some red state Governors are fully together with the CCP. California and New York and other blue states are aligned with the CCP. Today's state legislators are tomorrow's members of Congress. There is hope that as our leaders move up, they will resist CCP control and form quality anti-CCP policy.

The healthiest solution for USA is to decouple from the CCP entirely and implement incentives for our investors to fill the supply-chain with goods manufactured in USA and allied countries. There are new and better opportunities for U.S. investors. We can do this because America is still the hotbed of ingenuity. It is #americaningenuity that will integrate new capabilities and continue pushing that curve and surpass competitive price points. Decoupling from China may require that President Biden Defense Production Act the vital industries that Americans needs for our health and safety. Decoupling entirely from the CCP is crucial. We accept the concept of free independent countries with humanity but, this is just what the CCP abhors and is killing!

Published January 4, 2023

Paul S. Boardman, Author, Chairman, Decouple China PAC

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